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Alkaline Mineral Oxygen Enriched Water pH9

pH9 - This will reduce acidity in the body and your body will absorb 100% of the minerals.

Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water pH10

pH10 which restores the PH balance in the body. Being an anti-oxidant, it supplies your body with oxygen which gives you energy.

Supplementary Products

Personalized Bottled Water | Servicing of RO Systems Refill Of All Water Bottles & Containers (5L & More) Purifiers | Water Dispensers | Filters

Alkaline Ionized Water Can Address

Fatigue Diarrhoea Heartburn Migraines Indigestion Bone Density Issues Dehydration Nausea Poor Circulation Joint Pain Leg Cramps Weight Issues Stress High Blood Pressure Regulating Blood Sugar

A higher pH in the body reduces the need for fat and cholesterol to protect the body from damaging acids.

We Also Do Personalized Bottled Water!

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Supplementary Products

Alkaline Water Products

Alkaline Mineral Oxygen Enriched Water pH9 & Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water pH10

Refill & Deliveries

Office & Home deliveries. Refill Of All Water Bottles & Containers (5L & More)

Undercounter Systems

50 GPD Reverse Osmosis System with & without Pump

Water Filters

Range of filters available! Water filtration is a general term that refers to any system or process that is used to filter out particles and pollutants from water. ...

Servicing of RO Systems

Under the Counter Reverse Osmosis System provides safe, pure water using Reverse Osmosis Technology.

Water Dispensers

Floor standing water coolers & bottled options.

Personalized Bottled Water

We can custom design and print your labels for any occasion. Corporate gifts or birthdays!


We stock only the best, highly effective air purifiers, suitable for home and office use.


From Our Clients

Liana Drost

Excellent service and great quality. Thankful to be part of the family 😉 

Adel van Heerden

Fantastic service and high quality water, will not change water supplier soon.


Wonderful friendly service. We began buying our water here early in 2015 and have consistently received great service. There are cheerfully branded bottles of water available for kids parties or simply to encourage the little ones to drink more water. A much healthier option than the surgery alternatives.

Our Clients

Celebrate Water!

With all the news about the harmful contaminants in tap water, ALKALINE IONIZED H₂0 Clubview one of the top Alkaline water suppliers in South Africa have a product established to provide our valued customer with the best drinking water available.

We supply healthy Alkaline Mineral and Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water and pride ourselves in a quality product and excellent customer service.

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